Friday, June 22, 2012

The Romney horse fraud

Ann Romney and her trainers sold a horse, Super Hit, in 2008 for $125,000, according to the website Buzzfeed.

The horse had what a prominent veterinarian described as a staggering quantity of drugs in its system at the time of its examination before being sold.

The lawsuit was filed in 2010 by a woman in San Diego who had bought Super Hit from Romney and her trainers, Jan and Amy Ebeling. The woman, Catherine Norris, sued Romney for fraud after the horse allegedly proved physically incapable of performing as a dressage horse.

According to a toxicology report provided to the horse's vet and testimony from a veterinarian, Dr. Steven Soule, Super Hit had three sedative pain killers and one narcotic pain killer in her system when sold: Butorphanol, Delomidine, Romifidine, and Xylatine.

The horse had a defect in its foot, and Norris's lawyers alleged that the Ebelings had drugged the horse in order to hide its condition.

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