Sunday, February 10, 2013

Heir Club 4 Growth: Orangutan Edition

In the modern world of cuckoo conservatism, too many deranged lunatics of the right-wing variety have come to the fore to name any one of them the movement's standard bearing Top Grifter. Yet, if any one of these air-sucking bimbos wins the prize for taking best advantage of his 60 minutes of idiocy-producing fame, it would be the self-promoting, mop-topped ignoramus formerly known as Donald Trump.

Trump has gone from failed presidential candidate for the Compost Tea Party, that fecal-strewn dumping ground for deranged American pseudo-politicians, to simply failed American absent the ability to differentiate between the Trump-descriptive term "joke" and "legally-binding contract."

What follows is a take-down of the idiot's judiciary-clogging frivolity by the comedian who fired up the lone cell in The Donald's brain -- Bill Maher. Hilarity follows.

Oh, Donald ...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

For the love of guns

I find little so tantalizing as the sulfuric gunpowder aroma that wafts up the barrel of a freshly-fired rifle. When coupled with downing a peephole-sized silhouette 400-plus meters downrange, it is positively electrifying.

Chest-bumping an M60 as it rapid-fires a spray of 7.62 mike-mikes over an impact area is as mesmerizing as flipping grenades into a foxhole or watching a Claymore's Front Toward Enemy pepper-spray a target to pieces.

Image of soldier live-firing Colt M4 carbine
Yup, I love guns, weaponry, actually, and not merely the firing of them. I lovingly clean them, practice disassembly and assembly of them blind-folded then use them to down targets in an impact area. Yeah, I'm kind of a gun freak in my way. Much of that was born during my time in the military, as I had only sort of fired a shotgun or two prior to signing up.

Having a passion for firearms, however, doesn't mean I believe every American should have access to a tricked out assault weapon with a muzzle velocity of 3,200 fps, a muzzle energy of 2,400 ft lbs. capable of firing 50 rounds a minute.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

RIP Chris Kyle: A cautionary tale

In this April 6, 2012, photo, former Navy SEAL and author of the book "American Sniper"
Chris Kyle poses in Midlothian, Texas.
(AP Photo/The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Paul Moseley)

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” 
 -- NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre
Via ABC World News, a man is under arrest in connection with the killing of two men at an Erath County, Texas, gun range, police said.

One of the victims is former Navy SEAL and "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle.

Inbound reports from the scene are muddy at the moment, but this much is known: Kyle, a highly-decorated military veteran, was with a neighbor at a Texas shooting range when a gunman with a documented case of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) allegedly gunned down the two men, both presumably among LaPierre's class of "good guys with guns."

It is neither too early to mourn the loss of a fallen brother-in-arms nor too early to start the fight to ensure no others fall at the hands of an armed broken man who should be neither.

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