Friday, October 5, 2012

Is there ANYTHING American about Romney?

Romney, Bain buddies and dirty money in play.

First it was U.S. Olympic uniforms made in Burma.

Then it was American jobs shipped to Chinese sweat shops.

Throw in tax havens in about any country not the United States and you've painted a pretty grim picture of a man without a patriotic bone in his body.

Now, reports today throw his entire campaign into full-on foreigner category:
 Restore Our Future, the super-PAC supporting Republican Mitt Romney's run for president, received a $1 million donation in mid-August from reinsurance company OdysseyRe of Connecticut, a "wholly-owned subsidiary" of Canadian insurance and investment management giant Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited.
Citizens' United, that gobsmack of a Supreme Court ruling, be damned -- the law of this country remains that it is illegal for a foreign national to either directly or indirectly contribute money to influence American elections.

While the great legal minds of the country are still in sidebar on the legality of the move for foreign companies as opposed to individuals, the play on the electoral field has drawn a number of red flags.

Fairfax Financial’s founder is Indian-born V. Prem Watsa, who serves as CEO and chairman and owns or controls 45 percent of the company’s shares. He is also chairman of the board of its American subsidiary, OdysseyRe.

Center for Public Integrity's Michael Beckel broke the story and notes that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., is concerned about foreign-controlled corporations "exploiting loopholes in existing law" to influence U.S. elections. He calls the practice a “direct threat to our democracy.”
“You can bet that wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign commercial entities have an agenda when they spend millions to sway the outcome of an election,” Whitehouse told the Center for Public Integrity in a statement. “And you can bet that agenda is not promoting the interests of middle-class American voters.”
Selling the Constitutionally-protected American vote to the highest foreign bidder? Well, you don't get less American than that and it's proof that Willard Romney is willing to sell his American birthright for his personal ambitions.

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