Monday, April 1, 2013

CRYBABY: Racist moron dishes hate then buckles under heat

Cloaked with the veil of social network anonymity, they're big, bad, bold and bodacious. They spew racism and spread hate. They talk smack about the weakest among us pumped up on power, entitlement and, I suspect, steroids. They're a new breed of cyber-bully -- cowards so full of self-loathing, fear and conspiracy theories that they can live next door to you wearing their daytime personas so neatly that you'd never believe they could muster such hate in their hearts.

They talk of Jesus and the Bible and The Constitution in such glowing terms that you greet them each day fully believing that they actually believe in these things. They posture as some cartoon caricature of a dime novel hero: someone strong, invincible and bearing the standard of justice and morality.

Yet, the latest poster boy of such jingoistic "heroism" did the unthinkable in these circles of contrived bravado: he sat down and cried when caught. John Wayne would be sad to see it.

Meet Timothy Dluhos, the 34-year-old FDNY EMS lieutenant and latest variety of the legend in my own mind sort who boldly went where no real hero resides: Twitter. Here, he ranted and raved about the injustices of being an EMS lieutenant in the largest, most diverse U.S. city on a public forum -- not smart enough to know the genesis of TMI is always knowable. And, after blowing hard about the badass nature of guns and brawn, was too whiny to hold up to questioning from a wimp reporter armed with a mere notepad and pen.

Here's his reaction:

Pull up your diapers, man. You sort of look like this girl ...

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