Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Who could have possibly seen THIS coming?

In the rush to extract the last possible drop of crude from the ground and push the most toxic fossil fuel on the planet through the pristine American mid-western plains, Canada's greedy bastards joined forces with America's greedy bastards to foist the environmentally dangerous XL Pipeline on America's unwitting citizenry.

State Department: No Environmental Reason To Delay Keystone XL 

If you haven't guessed by now, Truth rushed in and slapped a whole bunch of "RealTM" Americans bang upside their ever-trusting heads. The town of Mayfield, Arkansas, gained notoriety over the Easter weekend as Exxon-Mobil went out of its way to prove the State Department big, fat liars. Aw, hell, the fat cats could have been satisfied with their global record-setting $44 billion in profits, but naw, why not go fuck over a middle-class neighborhood and its nearby fishing hole. After all, the majority of these Red State denizens were probably too busy online bashing the Obama Administration for giving a shit about their delightful little homes and local water supply to notice the sludge rushing into the subdivision.

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